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Communicator / Event Speaker


    Besides being a marriage and family therapist, and providing Christian Counseling in Tyler Texas, I also offer additional services.   With over twenty years of experience helping people grow healthier from the comfort of our cozy office to the open space of a stage, I have had the pleasure of communicating the timeless truths from Scripture and well-known individuals who have done careful research and left a trail of books behind.

    In addition to family therapy, I have worked with both men's and women's groups, adolescent groups, church groups, as well a charitable organizations. I fully understand that each group is different and has different needs, so I listen closely to the needs of each leader before preparing for the event.

    If you have a need for a marriage counselor as an outside resource in this area please feel free to contact me at [817]253-5534  Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm.

Christian Counseling in Tyler Texas

Premarital Counseling Package


    "Till death do us part." What a powerful, even frightening, statement that is. That lifetime commitment is even harder to achieve in today's atmosphere of widespread divorce. Most enter into the marriage covenant with high, often unrealistic expectations or with no idea what to expect.  

     Premarital counseling is a tool to set your marriage on a firm foundation and safeguard it before it even begins.  Over the course of six to eight weeks, I will help you find hidden expectations, deal with past relationships, and learn to really communicate with the love of your life like never before. During our time together, you will also learn how to fight without causing damage, set up a budget, and set up a list of needs that you and your partner can practice meeting for each other.

     While this process will require work on your part, I promise it will be worth ever bit of the effort. If you are ready to begin building a foundation that will last throughout the years, call me today!