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Marriage Counseling

Our customizable plan can help you achieve a more fulfilling  marriage; whether you just celebrated a milestone anniversary, you are the soon to be bride and groom, or you are thinking about calling it quits.

Let's face it; marriage is hard. That lifetime commitment is even harder to achieve in today's atmosphere of divorce.  Most enter into the marriage covenant with high, often unrealistic expectations or with no idea what to expect.  Many struggle every day with common issues such as communicating with each other, raising children, and organizing finances.  Some deal with even more difficult issues such as infidelity.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am well-trained and qualified to work with you both to help each of you understand your own expectations and needs, as well as those of your partner.  Once these needs and expectations are identified, we will work to establish ways of fulfilling those needs and incorporate them into your daily life together.  This is a crucial component to a happy, successful marriage.  I will teach you some great communication skills, how to fight the right way, how to organize finances, and how to successfully work through many other common issues that today's marriages face.  For those suffering from infidelity or other deeper issues, I can help both partners work through the pain and hurt and get through to the other side.

While I cannot promise you "Happily Ever After," I promise counseling will be worth the time and effort you put forth.  So no matter where you are on your marriage journey, Premarital/ Marriage Counseling is a valuable tool that can help your marriage reach its full potential.  If you are ready to give your marriage every possible chance for success, call me today.